Acne Treatment

New Orleans Cosmetic Dermatology Breakouts ProceduresAcne affects about 50 million Americans – in fact, about one in five adult Americans gets it, and it can impact both your social and professional life. Breakouts can be triggered by stress, not getting enough sleep, poor nutrition and hormones. For many people, acne is inherited making it more difficult to find the right acne treatment for them.

With so many factors playing a role in pimples and other blemishes, how do you know which acne treatment in Louisiana is the best for you?

Our board certified physicians, Dr. Patricia Farris and Dr. Mamina Turegano, will carefully evaluate your condition and determine which acne treatments will be most effective for your skin. Their holistic approach may include nutritional advice, supplements, and tips for stress relief. These alternative therapies are used to complement more traditional therapies such as over the counter and prescription medications. Our integrated approach at Old Metairie Dermatology in Louisiana will help get you on a path to clear skin and a healthier lifestyle.

Acne Medications

No medication will work overnight, but you will see noticeable results in several weeks. Over-the-counter topical medications with salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide, or sulfur are effective for milder blemishes.

A major breakout, on the other hand, requires something stronger. Many prescription topical pimple treatments effectively clear up your skin by destroying acne-causing bacteria. Antibiotics are particularly helpful for more severe cases. When these measures fail, the prescription medication isotretinoin may be used. Our New Orleans physicians are providers for the i-pledge program and have over 30 years of experience managing patients on isotretinoin.

Effective Procedures for Pimples, Bumps, and Blemishes

If you’ve had recurring acne breakouts that have led to scarring, or if you simply want to reduce your acne activity, there are plenty of in-office medical dermatology procedures at our New Orleans practice that we can use to treat your condition.

A chemical peel is a treatment for acne in which a solution is applied to your skin to remove (“peel”) your skin’s top layer, resulting in clear, more vibrant-looking skin.

A microdermabrasion smooths away the top layer of your skin to allow a newer, smoother layer of skin to come to the surface. It’s a very effective exfoliator and skin rejuvenator.

Learn more about the benefits of microdermabrasion for acne treatment at

Hydrafacial is a multi-step acne treatment that evenly exfoliates and extracts acne-prone skin while at the same time delivering a mixture of beneficial hydroxy acids.

Anti-Scar Treatments

New technologies and innovative laser procedures offer promise for those with acne scars in New Orleans.

SkinPen microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure that is highly effective for treating depressions or indentations occurring as a result of zits and pimples. These tiny needles help remodel the skin and encourage collagen production. Multiple treatments with SkinPen are needed to achieve optimal results.

Fraxel Dual Laser uses up to date laser technology to treat acne scars. Fraxel Dual promotes healing of acne scars by delivering energy deep into the dermis. This laser delivers the energy where it needs to trigger collagen production.

Steps Manage Your Condition

The following daily regimen, or something akin to it, is effective for acne prevention as well as for post-procedure breakout treatment and management in Kenner.

    • Be gentle – Avoid harsh cleansers, soaps, cloth, and other products that can irritate your skin and hinder your healing.
    • Keep it clean – Gently wash your face morning and evening to remove makeup, dirt, and pollution. Cleanse again after exercise to reduce surface oils and sweat.
    • Hands off – Avoid the temptation to pick or pop blemishes. Traumatizing your skin hinders the healing process and can lead to scarring.
    • Keep it in the shade – Avoid sun exposure because it damages your skin, and can cause brown spots that occur after blemishes heal.

Learn More About Clear Skin from Old Metairie Dermatology

We understand that as an adult, acne breakouts can affect you more than you realize. When over the counter medications fail, seek professional acne treatment from a medical skin specialist who can diagnose the severity of your condition and determine which therapy would be the best acne treatment for you. Don’t hesitate to contact the experts in acne treatment at Old Metairie Dermatology in New Orleans today by visiting us online or calling (504) 836-2050.

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