You Ask We Answer!

Q: I heard there was a new formulation of Accutane available. Is this true? If so how is it different from other acne treatments on the market? A: Accutane is the original brand name of isotretinoin, which has since undergone patent expiration. However, we have had several branded generic versions of isotretinoin called Amnesteen, Sotret, […]

Why Skin Ages

Some of the changes in our skin as we age are controllable; others are out of our collective hands and are simply the process of aging. Sun exposure is the greatest single factor in skin aging. Don’t believe it? Check your skin that never sees the sun. It looks a heck of a lot younger […]

Fall Weather and Your Skin

The Autumn months bring with them a reverence toward nature. Without knowing it, we may bask in the glow of Nature’s final hoorah of the year, Her colorful foliage, red sunsets, and falling leaves. On a surface level, most of us look forward to the treasures of Fall, such as hot apple cider and cozy […]

Age Spots? Here's What you Need to Know

Sometime along our path of life, each of us will notice changes in our skin. Some of the most common include wrinkles and dark spots. Small areas of discoloration are so common in middle-age and beyond that they naturally become known as “age spots.” If you have noticed one, you have noticed a dozen. It’s […]

What's with the Chicken Suit?

Halloween is a great time of year to get playful with costumes. The rest of the year, though, you want to look like your best self. Wearing a “chicken suit” on your skin is anything but pleasing. As many as half of the adults in our country, and up to 80 percent of children, do […]

#NoMakeup! Do YOU Dare go Bare?

Bare skin. It’s what we all grew up in. And yet, somewhere along the path of life, most women gained the knowledge that makeup makes them look better. This may not really be the ultimate truth, but it is certainly an idea perpetuated in this day and age of the “Selfie.” Recently, there has been […]

Got Stress? Your Skin May Be Showing It!

Stress is an overwhelming problem for teens and adults of all ages. It’s so widespread that we hear about it regularly; how we can manage it and why we need to. Stressful situations are going to arise, pretty much on a daily basis for the average human! It may be an impending meeting with the […]

Unwanted Hair, Meet Our Laser!

Razors and tweezers and … thread? For ages, humans have come up with all sorts of ways to get the silky smooth skin they crave. A large majority of us shave – sometimes daily – to remove unwanted hair from one area or another. For longer lasting results, many have turned to alternatives such as […]

How to Get Good Botox

Botox: it’s the treatment that many are getting, but not talking about. Only in recent years has the discussion about Botox and other anti-aging treatments become more free; and this is such a good thing! When we do not talk about the innovations in aesthetic medicine, this leave way too much space for misinformation to […]

Think Sunscreen is Enough Protection? Think Again!

Summer is in full swing, and so are instances of sunburn. Typically, we rely on our sunscreen to do the “heavy lifting” and keep the sun’s rays from damaging the skin. In most cases, this works out just fine. But there are instances in which it is possible that you may be inviting sunburn. Obviously, […]