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Old Metairie Dermatology is an organization of dermatological experts, who are trying day and night to make the life of their customers easy and beautiful.

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There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing our experts apply their exceptional training and passion beyond repairing and rebuilding skin, to help rebuild peoples’ lives. At Old Metairie Dermatology we understand the emotional burden of having problematic skin and we believe everyone deserves the merits and freedom that comes from having good skin that is healthy.


Services We Provide

Old Metairie Dermatology’s devoted group of experts has the knowledge and experience to deal with all of your medical, surgical, and cosmetic dermatology needs.

Dermatological issue

If you are involved in any dermatological issue, allow Old Metairie Dermatology to help. Whether your problem includes acne, a rash, or large skin cancer removal, we are able to make sure you get the healthy skin that you deserve. 

Facial wrinkles

If you are not satisfied with Facial wrinkles, frown lines, crows’ feet, age spots, or a tattoo, we can help, and we have the entire variety of offerings you are seeking. 

Surgical dermatology

Surgical dermatology may be a powerful answer when you have a growth, cyst, or lesion that makes you self-conscious, or is a cancer risk to you. Many surgical strategies are minimally invasive, and do not require any prolonged healing time. 

Clinical specialty

Dermatopathology is the clinical specialty of microscopic interpretation of skin biopsies to diagnose a rash or skin growth. Old Metairie Dermatology provides experts who are board-licensed dermatopathologists and have professional expertise in the microscopic foundation of pores and skin diseases.

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Types of Tattoo Technologies That You Should Be Aware of as an Enthusiast

Types of Tattoo Technologies That You Should Be Aware of as an Enthusiast

Today, there are various tattoo technologies that artists use to create magnificent body art. If you are considering getting tattooed, it is essential to understand the different types of tattoo technologies available and what to consider when choosing the right one for your skin. Let us explore five major types of tattoo technologies used today and important factors to consider before getting tattooed.

Five Major Types of Tattoo Technologies Used Today

Traditional Tattooing: Traditional tattooing, also known as hand-poked or stick-and-poke, is the oldest form of tattooing. It involves using a needle attached to a handle to manually insert ink into the skin. Traditional tattoos often feature bold lines and vibrant colours, making them a popular choice for those seeking classic body art.

Machine Tattooing: Machine tattooing, also called electric tattooing, is the most common method used in modern tattoo studios. It involves using a tattoo machine equipped with needles that rapidly pierce the skin to deposit ink. Machine tattoos allow for greater precision and detail, making them ideal for intricate designs and fine line work.

Rotary Tattooing: Rotary tattoo machines operate using a rotating mechanism that moves the needles in and out of the skin. This technology offers artists more control over the speed and depth of tattooing, resulting in smoother lines and shading. Rotary tattoos are known for their precision and efficiency, making them a favourite among professional artists.

Laser Tattoo Removal: laser technology is widely used for tattoo removal. Laser tattoo removal works by targeting the ink particles in the skin with high-intensity light pulses, breaking them down into smaller fragments that are gradually absorbed and eliminated by the body. This technology allows for the safe and effective removal of unwanted tattoos with minimal scarring.

Cosmetic Tattooing: cosmetic tattooing involves tattooing makeup-like pigments into the skin to enhance features such as eyebrows, lips, and eyeliner. This technology is often used for cosmetic purposes, such as filling in sparse eyebrows or defining lip contours, and can provide long-lasting results with proper care.

What to Consider When Choosing a Tattoo Technology for Your Skin

Before getting a tattoo, it is essential to consider several factors to ensure the best possible outcome:

Skin Type: Different tattoo technologies may work better for certain skin types. For example, machine tattooing is generally suitable for all skin types, while traditional hand-poked tattoos may be ideal for individuals with sensitive skin.

Design Complexity: Consider the complexity of your desired tattoo design. Machine tattooing is ideal for intricate designs and fine details, while traditional tattooing may be better suited for bold, graphic styles.

Artist Expertise: Choose a tattoo artist who is experienced and skilled in the specific technology you are interested in. Take the time to research artists’ portfolios and read reviews to ensure you’re in capable hands.

Safety and Hygiene: Ensure that the tattoo studio follows strict safety and hygiene protocols, regardless of the technology used. This includes using sterile equipment, practising proper sanitation, and maintaining a clean environment to minimise the risk of infection.

Choosing the right tattoo technology is an important decision that can significantly impact the outcome of your body art. By understanding the different types of tattoo technologies available and considering factors such as skin type, design complexity, artist expertise, safety, and long-term considerations, you can make an informed decision that helps you discover Gold Coast’s top tattoo artists who can ensure a positive tattooing experience and stunning results that you’ll love for a long time.




Mobile IV stands help enhance healthcare mobility

Healthcare facilities should provide flexible and efficient services to their patients. An innovative solution to handle everything more professionally is the mobile IV stand. The following are a few guidelines that you need to consider before purchasing mobile frames.


Factors to consider before purchasing mobile IV stands


Mobile IV stands are versatile and indispensable in a healthcare facility. These are designed to enhance the mobility and flexibility while administering intravenous fluids and medications to patients. Some key features that you should be on the lookout for include the following

  • The most important feature of mobile IV stand is its ergonomic design. These are designed from sturdy materials which offer a stable base for hanging an IV bag and equipment. The wheels allow for smooth movement and healthcare professionals can easily transport medical supplies without any difficulty. This kind of design is not only important for improving the efficiency but also helps facilitate a timely response to emergencies.
  • A mobile IV stand should come with a height adjustable feature. This adaptability allows healthcare professionals to provide the patient with treatment according to their comfort. It not only helps introduce better patient care but also minimizes the physical strain on professionals, who want to work in a comfortable working environment.
  • Mobile IV stands have trays, hooks, and compartments to organize and store medical supplies. It becomes easier for healthcare providers to access all the important equipment and this in turn helps streamline the treatment process and minimize disruptions.
  • Using mobile IV stands can help improve patient experience. The patients don’t need to be confined to a single place during treatment. They can move about in the facility while still getting their necessary IV medications. It provides a sense of comfort to the patient and helps enhance the overall experience.
  • Mobile IV stands allow healthcare professionals to provide treatments promptly and Reduce patient waiting times. Moreover, the durability of the stand reduces the need for frequent replacement and repairs, thus allowing for savings in the long run.
  • Mobile IV stands are designed in a way which are easy to clean and disinfect. Maintaining the stand ensures its longevity and safeguards the patient’s well-being.
  • Make sure that you purchase the stand after doing research on your own. Check out the different varieties which are available in the market and always purchase a stand which is made from durable material. You should not compromise on the cost of the products because a cheap stand might not last very long and could also be a potential hazard in the healthcare facility.

Australian designed mobile IV stands are a valuable addition to the healthcare sector. The stands have an ergonomic design and easy mobility. It helps enhance patient care and improves the efficiency of the staff at the healthcare facility. Healthcare providers must prioritize flexibility and patient-centric care, and the IV stand is one such asset that will help them achieve these goals.

Nourishing Your Wellbeing: How Can a Dietician on the Gold Coast Help You Achieve Optimal Health?

Nourishing Your Wellbeing: How Can a Dietician on the Gold Coast Help You Achieve Optimal Health?

Are you looking to take charge of your health and embrace a balanced lifestyle on the Gold Coast? A qualified dietician could be your key to unlocking a path towards optimal wellbeing. In this article, we delve into the world of dietitians on the Gold Coast, exploring how their expertise can transform your life, and why seeking professional dietary counselling may be the missing link in your health journey.


The Dietitian Gold Coast Difference: Your Personal Guide to Balanced Nutrition


When it comes to making informed decisions about your diet, a dietitian can be a game-changer. These highly skilled health professionals are experts in nutrition and are equipped with the knowledge and experience to provide tailored advice based on your unique needs and lifestyle.


A dietitian on the Gold Coast will take the time to understand your goals, challenges, and preferences, crafting a personalised nutrition plan that aligns with your objectives. Whether you seek to lose weight, manage a chronic condition, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyle, a dietitian can be your steadfast guide throughout your journey.


The Gold Coast lifestyle can be fast-paced, and it’s easy to fall into the trap of quick fixes and fad diets. However, a dietitian will cut through the noise, offering evidence-based guidance that is grounded in scientific research. With their support, you can develop a sustainable and realistic approach to nutrition that fits seamlessly into your day-to-day routine.


Furthermore, dietitians can help you navigate the abundance of conflicting information about food and nutrition. From deciphering food labels to identifying nutrient-dense options, a dietitian’s expertise empowers you to make informed choices that positively impact your health.


Unveiling the Impact of Professional Dietary Counselling: Empowering Your Health Journey


The influence of professional dietary counselling extends beyond the confines of meal planning. Here are some key areas where a dietitian on the Gold Coast can make a significant impact on your overall well being:


  1. Chronic Disease Management: If you are dealing with a chronic condition like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or gastrointestinal issues, a dietitian can play a pivotal role in managing your symptoms and improving your quality of life. Through specialised nutrition strategies, they can help you stabilise blood sugar levels, lower cholesterol, and alleviate digestive discomfort, among other benefits.


  1. Weight Management and Body Confidence: Achieving and maintaining a healthy weight is a goal shared by many. However, the path to weight loss can be overwhelming and confusing, with an endless array of diets vying for attention. A dietitian will take a holistic approach, considering your individual needs, lifestyle, and emotional relationship with food. By focusing on sustainable habits and fostering a positive mindset, they can help you achieve your weight goals while promoting body confidence and self-acceptance.


  1. Sports Nutrition and Performance: For athletes and fitness enthusiasts on the Gold Coast, proper nutrition plays a vital role in optimising performance and recovery. A dietitian can design sports-specific meal plans that fuel your body effectively, enhancing endurance, strength, and overall athletic performance.


  1. Family Nutrition and Childhood Development: Establishing healthy eating habits from an early age is crucial for children’s growth and development. A dietitian can work with families to create balanced meal plans that cater to children’s nutritional needs, ensuring they thrive both physically and mentally.


Apple A Day are nutritionists on the Gold Coast who do not only provide dietary advice. They are your personal advocate for wellbeing and optimal health. Through their expertise and evidence-based approach, they can guide you towards sustainable lifestyle changes that empower your health journey. So, if you’re ready to embrace a balanced and nourishing lifestyle, consider partnering with a dietitian and unlock the true potential of your wellbeing on the Gold Coast.